Looking for expert for some fun part time work (paid)

I run a startup in California. We are new but have growing cashflow. Our main stack does NOT include elasticsearch but I've educated myself to some level (book smart) and want a person with real life experience to sound-board off of the design of a few architectures I'd like to build.

This will be fun work (at least if you like architecture and design) but it needs real experience. BTW, apologies for the tags they are completely misleading but apparently on IOS you can not remove them (and they were accidentally added).

As for being paid ... trust me ... I believe in rewarding people with cash not promises. This is part time work more than full time work (although I guess maybe it could lead to the latter). If this sounds like something you'd be interested in then please drop me a line here or at ken@ken.net.


Ken Snyder

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