Jobs subforum?

We allowed the occasional non-recruiter post on the old lists and it seems like people are still interested in the same thing.

Should we dedicate an area to this?

It would be nice, but I am happy where I am at so it would only be a cherry picking exercise for me

Let's do it please! No recruiters.

Very supportive of this but we need to write up clear guidelines on what is acceptable and not acceptable in this to be created category.

I don't have time to work on this right now but can address later this week.

Mark, would you be interested in crafting a draft now? It can totally wait, I just don't know how eager you are to make this move. :smile:

I'd definitely like to see something like this happen!

Sure thing.

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You rock, Mark. Thank you!

Looks like nobody created a job sub forum....
Anyway I am looking for a Elastic Search specialist with some PHP Skills for a role in London.

If anyone of you guys is interested please PM to me

+1 for a Jobs subforum
(Anything new since Jun'15 where the thread started?)

We have one very interesting Elasticsearch project in Germany.
It's a replacement of an old Host bases searched system with 600 Mio. documents into a Elasticsearch cluster.

If anyone is interested please PM to me or even better submit you into with the Elasticsearch keywords.

Thanks and Happy New Year!