Looking for Freelancer

Hi we are running up against a deadline and looking for freelancer that can help us create some reports using Kibana. We have it set up but need someone who can help with the format/ visualizations of the report.

Would welcome your thoughts!

Thank you

I don't know the size and scope of your work but I can offer a couple of suggestions;

  1. Have you contacted our sales@elastic.co ? We have consulting available that might suit your needs. It wouldn't hurt to check.

  2. You could get training for your Kibana users so you can get the work done and build up expertise along the way.

  3. This post might find someone who's interested and helps you meet your deadline.

  4. Are you using Beats to ingest data into your Elasticsearch cluster? In case you weren't aware, several of the beats have a set of pre-made visualizations, and dashboards (which you can modify). If this is the case I could help you get those installed.

Good luck,

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