Elasticsearch + Kibana as report tool

This is a matter of opinion.

We currently have reports in BIRT and also in salesforce.

Do you think something like Elasticsearch + Kibana could be a replacement?
Do I need to go bigger, like Crystal Reports, or something...?

I don't have any experience with BIRT or Crystal Reports, so my understanding of their functionality is limited. We have folks using Elasticsearch and Kibana for a myriad of things including reporting. I don't see why you couldn't accomplish the same things with Kibana. We actually augment our Salesforce data and search by indexing it into Elasticsearch. I suggest getting the data in Elasticsearch and play around with it, it's free!

I'm using it already, for some testing and research.
We are also in Salesforce, and we are hitting a limit with it's reports.
The functionality is not there.

I was discussing yesterday to do just what you say, move data into Elasticsearch.

My concern is the simplicity of my users. I'm worried the Kibana interface will scare them.
I guess I could make reports for them, but I'd really like them to start making their own reports.

I guess we'll have to experiment.

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