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Hi Guys,

I need your technical suggestion / idea about our case:

We have a contact center software and usually with customers that have about 50K calls each day. As you know reporting and especially online reporting is very important in CC. So, we used Jasper reports with some MySQL db methods to provide reports with real time data.
But now, this is not good enough in performance and db maintenance and optimization is not easy in this scale. So, we have decided to use Elastic and Kibana as a replacement solution. We have launched Elastic and everything is perfect and performance is good, but now for reports we noticed that Kibana is not good. It's a perfect tool and very flexible, but for reports that its user knowledge is poor, is very complected. We are looking for another reporting tool for Elastic and we have found some integrations among Elastic and Jasper reports.

Do you have any idea? we are going in wrong way? do you have any same experience?
What is the best reporting tool for Elasticseach in this scale?
Thank you,

Any idea?

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