Invalid NEST response built from a successful (404) low level call

I am using .Nest version 7.x and I am trying to post information to a remote elasticsearch log bridge. Using the following code:

                var object_test= new Dummy_Object{ 
                Dummy_String = "dummy_data",
                Dummy_Int = 3
              ConnectionSettings settings = new ConnectionSettings(new Uri(""))
                                                                    .BasicAuthentication("user_name", "password")
                ElasticClient client = new ElasticClient(settings);
                IndexResponse indexResponse = client.Index(new IndexRequest<Dummy_Object>(object_test, "index_IAm_Posting_To"));

Yet it does not work, I am not very experienced with using .NEST but have tested this index already and posted data to using this HTTP request:


Which submitted successfully, i've tested the uri without v2/application but it did not work. Here is the output I am looking at:

Invalid NEST response built from a unsuccessful (404) low level call on POST: /v2/applications/index/_doc?pretty=true&error_trace=true

Audit trail of this API call:

  • [1] BadResponse: Node: https://base_url/v2/applications/ Took: 00:00:01.7605315

OriginalException: Elasticsearch.Net.ElasticsearchClientException: Request failed to execute. Call: Status code 404 from: POST /v2/applications/index/_doc?pretty=true&error_trace=true




Cannot POST /v2/applications/index/_doc

TCP states:

Established: 318
TimeWait: 14
CloseWait: 17

ThreadPool statistics:

Busy: 0
Free: 32767
Min: 12
Max: 32767
Busy: 0
Free: 1000
Min: 12
Max: 1000

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