Inventory Rule - Disk Usage


how do you monitor disk usage when there are different mount points per device? Using the inventory rule, I can do the average of disk usage but it seems to calculate the average of all the mount points. Is there a better approach for this?

Hey Erik,

I've been trying to get this to work as well. I've been able to create alerts by:
Condition - system.filesystem.used.pct
Group alerts by - host.hostname and system.filesystem.mount_point

This is made for Linux devices, not sure if it is the same mappings for Windows.

Edit: I was not able to get alerts to recover when i created a Metric Rule described above, but when I created a 'Custom threshold rule' instead (using the same data view and fields I described above), I was able to make the alert to recover! I feel that disk alerts should be out-of-the box like memory and CPU usage, but that's another discussion.



Thanks! @amo1

Yes exactly it should be out-of-the box !