Invert Axis

Using for RSSI values whereas negative numbers are worse than positive. So I want -80 to be at the top, not the bottom. Any easy way to flip the values?

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It's not really clear what you are asking here, or how you are getting this from Elasticsearch.

Thanks for the response. On the y axis it goes from 0 to -80. -80 is at the bottom and I want that at the top. In my case -80 is a worse value and I want it represented as such. It won’t let me set the range that way. The error says -80 must be greater than 0.

Elasticsearch doesn't have an x-axis, so do you mean Kibana?

First day using it. Piping data from a networking product and creating visualizations. Didn’t know Kibana was the engine that creates the graphs. So I guess yes.

Understand, can you maybe show us a screenshot of the graphing product you are using so we can confirm?


Yep, thanks. That's Kibana. Let me move this to that category.

Ok thanks. Let me know if you or anyone has advice.

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