How to Visualize 1 as Yes and 0 as No

I'm new to Kibana.

I'm on kibana 6.0.
I have some fields (total 8 fields) which are either 1 or 0 which basically means Yes or No. How can i display this type of data in Kibana as Yes/No or UP/Down accordingly .

Should i be using JSON input to write any IF statements? Kindly help.


Hey @sahadevgd a Scripted Field is your best bet.

Hi @sahadevgd, if you have quite a big amount of data, scripting may reduce the speed of your queries. If you are feeding data via logstash, you can index those documents already with desired fields and values.

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Hi @emil.mirzayev Thanks for your reply. We are feeding the data via logstash. The first method we tried is by sending the data to Kibana as Up and Down instead of 1 and 0. But we were unable to find the right way to visualize this type of data hence converted it to 1 and 0 and feeding it.

Kindly suggest how to visualize Text and show Up as Green and Down as Red with respect to timestamp.

Hi @Brandon_Kobel, thanks, i'll have a look at this.

@sahadevgd if you're just wanting to do this for a few visualizations, you can also use the Filter aggregation to do something similar to:

@Brandon_Kobel I was able to get this using the Goal type but when the value is 0, i'm unable to display it. I've tried the range as 0-1 and also 0-0 but still when the value is 0, the graph doesn't show up.

I have certain env's for which i need to show Up/Down like given in the below snapshow, qa1 & qa3 are Up, qa2 is Down.

@sahadevgd Kibana's Visualizations are based off of "aggregates" of values, and they generally don't represent individual documents in Elasticsearch. Can you share a screenshot of your full Visualization configuration?

Hi @Brandon_Kobel, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have a couple of queries, could you please clarify. I'll provide you my data which I'm feeding via logstash.


2018-03-12 10:20:24.516Z,1,qa1,,8080,1,1,1,315683848,178826512
2018-03-12 10:20:49.123Z,1,qa2,,8080,1,1,1,315683848,178826222

So as you can see OverAllStatus,DiskSpaceStatus,ScriptStatus,DBStatus are getting data as 1's or 0's based on the Up/Down status.

How can I display this data as Up and Down or say Green or Red based on 1 and 0. Which visualization type should be used to have a better picture of this type of data.

If i have to convert this type of data to text, how can text be used to display. I am attaching a sample format.


Instead of Log API, Log Transformer etc, i would be having QA1, QA2 etc.
Please help.

Hi @Brandon_Kobel, Scripted Field worked for us.
Thanks much.

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