Visualization - matching on a condition

Hi - very new to Kibana and visualizations.

I have a number of hosts reporting a bunch of objects, each containing a field with a "yes" or "no" value.

I'm trying to create a visualization with timestamp on the H-axis and which displays the host ONLY if all objects are reporting a "yes" condition.

Is this even possible?

I've been plugging away at a bar graph with a function (count(kql='condition')-count(kql='condition:yes'), but no luck. Apologies if this is the wrong approach - very early stages for me.

Hello @radio_1, welcome to the community!

You can probably try something with the ifelse condition:

ifelse([condition]: boolean, [left]: number, [right]: number)

It returns a value depending on whether the element of condition is true or false.

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