Investigate in timeline, extra wrong results

(Elasticsearch 8.11.1)
I noticed that when I go to investigate in timeline on an alert, I get results that not match the timeline template search.
For example, for the search of timeline template that looks like this: "aa" and signal.rule.severity: "critical"
I get the the right results and more that have "bb" for some reason.

When searching in the timeline I opened F12 in my browser and copied the query string that is generated, it looked like this:

{"bool": {"must": [{"query_string": {"query": "((` "aa" and signal.rule.severity: "critical"`))", "analyze_wildcard": true}}],"filter": [], "should": [], "must_not": []}}

I tried to search myself in kibana dev tools and I really got the same results, but I found something interesting. If I use the same query string, but use "AND" in capital letters, it gives me only the right results

{"bool": {"must": [{"query_string": {"query": "((` "aa" AND signal.rule.severity: "critical"`))", "analyze_wildcard": true}}],"filter": [], "should": [], "must_not": []}}

Hey @elasticexpert ,

I tried your to reproduce example on 8.11 and could not . Below I have shown screenshots of the template I used and alert investigating with that template.

Regarding the dev tools, where did you see this particular query, Could you please share the HAR of the network requests?

The time range in the second photo doesnt include the "Custom Rule [Duplicate]" rule

Okay. I tried to be more clear this time. Here is video of my attempt to replicate the issue that you suggested but I did not succeed and got expected results back.

I have heard about this issue before as well so I am not denying that the issue is not there but I would like to replicate it right way before I create an official ticket for it.

Do you think steps I took in the video should be enough to re-create the issue. If not, do you mind recreating the issue with exact steps? May be a video will help.


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