IP forwarding for elastic search cluster

Hi Elastic Team,

I am new to Elastic search. Please help me to understand this .

I have elastic search cluster with 3 master nodes and 5 data nodes also
3 logstash nodes .

(Elastic search nodes are running in VM's and logstash and kibana are running as docker containers )

Does this setup required ip forwarding enabled ? if yes what is the reason.

If i disable ip forwarding will it effect my cluster communication or data shipping ?

Any replies would be appreciated ..!!


Please don't add tags for topics that are not related to your question :slight_smile:

What do you mean by IP forwarding here?

If we have elastic cluster setup as mentioned above. do we need IP forwarding enabled to communicate between nodes ? or other network hosts to ship data ? is there any dependency on below config ?

In linux here is the configuration /etc/sysctl.conf


I can't find a reference to it in the docs, and I have never been aware of needing that. Unless anyone else with better understanding chimes in, I would suggest it's probably not necessary.

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