Is any option available for porting the data from another server other than kibana hosted server


Can i port the data[i.e logs,datas etc] from another server to kibana hosted serverIf so kindly provide detail description.

in general answer is yes, but that really depends on what kind of system do you want to get data into elasticsearch.

We are having applications hosted on different servers.We need to connect with the data belongs to each servers.How to configure different servers in kibana hosted server.

My logs files,apache belongs to different server and kibana,elasticsearch,logstash,filebeat has been configured in another server.How can i bring the logs to kibana server.??Any config available in current version of kibana??

@anusree_arun, can store your data in kibana from any server. I am assuming that you have already setup Logstash->Elasticsaerch->Kibana setup at your end.

Now you need to install Filebeat on your application server (If its Linux machine) or Winbeat (If it window machine). Because Filebaet is log shipper and it will send your application logs to logstash. You can follow the below documentation for Filebeat 7.4.0 if you are using different version of kibana then you need to follow same version documentation:

Filebeat Installation

Hope so it will give you some idea.


I have already configured filebeat 7.4.0 on my redhat server.
Where i have to mention the other server details like server ip ,log path and all..


As you are saying that you have installed Filebeat on server from where you want send logs to kibana. Now you should have file filebeat.yml which have output option for elasticsaerch and logstash. You can use one from them depend upon what are you using at your end. If you are using logstash then you can use logstash.

Please read the documentation it have very clear information.


wheteher we have to install filebeat on the particular server in which we have to send logs to kibana??
I have installed ELK and filebeat on another server not on the source server.

I am new to ELK dont have much idea.Please help

@anusree_arun, need to install filebeat on each server for which you want to send the logs kibana.


Thank you boss

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