Is date_nanos supported in Logs UI

Is date_nanos supported in the logs UI? It doesn't seem like it.

Hi @data_smith,

Can you elaborate on your question, please?

Do you mean if the Timestamp field used to sort the log entries support date_nanos?
Is it about how the date is shown in the UI?

Hi, So when I use the Logs UI feature of Kibana and specify a date field, if the date field is type date_nanos it doesn't work. If the date field that I specify is just a regular date type it works.

So my question is can I use the Logs UI feature with an index that has a date with type date_nanos?


My understanding is officially we don't support it. We expect ECS compliance for data shown in the Logs UI, and the expected fields and types can be seen here, whereby @timestamp would be of type date.

However, logs should still show using date_nanos. But, there is a known bug at the moment, which is what you might be seeing?

Roger. Thanks for the info.

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