Nanosecond support in Logs UI

Does anyone know if the Logs UI supports timetamps in data_nanos format? If not, is this feature coming in the future? I couldn't get it to work with nanoseconds.

Currently, setting date_nanos for @timestamp throws an error in the UI. The current date formatter doesn't support that timestamp. I filed an issue in the Kibana repo so you can track it's progress:

Edit: I forgot to thank you for bringing this to our attention :wink:

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I found the same issue while indexing on nanoseconds.

My work around to keep Logs UI working is to include two timestamps in the events: The standard @timestamp in milliseconds and a second one @timestamp_nanoseconds.

I made @timestamp_nanoseconds the Time Field in the Index Pattern and this allows Discovery to use nanoseconds. While at the same time Logs UI is happy when it finds @timestamp.

Some details over here.

I hope it helps.

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