Is Elasticsearch 7.17.9 is compatible withOpenJDK 1.8?

Is OpenJDK 1.8 version is compatible with elasticsearch 7.17.9 version?
If not Which version of OpenJDK is compatible with elasticsearch 7.17.9?

Yes, according to the support matrix it is.

Yeah, I also referred first support matrix. But later I found above information that it require java 11
Which one can I consider for my case, Please give me clear information
Please refer above attached image

I have no idea where that screenshot comes from so would trust the official support matrix.

It's not an information but a text generated by an AI. :blush:


Yeah, It's correct. But the question is, Can we trust the source i.e, AI?

No, you can't, you need to check in the official documentation.

Elasticsearch 7.17 was released in February 2022, the training data of the AI you used only goes until the end of 2021, so it has no information about Elasticsearch 7.17 and its compatibilities, the information it gave you is just made up.


Yeah Ok, Thank you for your valuable information

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