Is it a correct use of highlighting? And some wildcard highlight field issues

Could you please validate my use of highlighting to make sure I am using
some unexpected behavior

I search on "_all" (or another multi_field created composite field) but
then list my individual (primary) properties in highlight section. As
long as I used the same analyzer on _all and on those fields I am
highlighting (stemming) I get correct highlights on my individual (primary)
fields. If I understand correctly, as long as I do not tell ES to highlight
on matched fields only, highlighting is pretty much independent from
actual searching

Also I have a wildcard based highlighting question. The problem I am
running into is ES exception when one of the fields matching wildcard is
numeric (or date I guess).
Is it possible to either have more flexible selection criteria (including
say field type match) or have a lenient flag not to try highlighting text
tokens in numeric fields (or highlight numeric tokens using lexicographical

Thank you,

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