Is it dangerous to change `dateFormat:tz` from the default`Browser`?

(Vangelis) #1

I would like to have timestamps displayed in Kibana in UTC. I have seen this post that suggest the dateFormat:tz should be changed from its default Browser value.

However, the header of the page is a bit ominous saying:

Caution: You can break stuff here
Be careful in here, these settings are for very advanced users only. Tweaks you make here can break large portionsof Kibana. ...

So, since I lack the Kibana experience, I would like to ask a stupid :slight_smile: question, is it dangerous to change this setting?

(Bhavya R M) #2


Not really :). Your timestamp on your timeseries data will be on browser time.

But as with anything - may be you want to test it in your local before putting it out on production?


(Vangelis) #3

Thanks, if it's safe enough it's ok for me!

(Lee Drengenberg) #4

Just keep in mind that those settings are global and affect all the users of your Kibana instance.

(system) #5

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