Is it dangerous to change `dateFormat:tz` from the default`Browser`?

I would like to have timestamps displayed in Kibana in UTC. I have seen this post that suggest the dateFormat:tz should be changed from its default Browser value.

However, the header of the page is a bit ominous saying:

Caution: You can break stuff here
Be careful in here, these settings are for very advanced users only. Tweaks you make here can break large portionsof Kibana. ...

So, since I lack the Kibana experience, I would like to ask a stupid :slight_smile: question, is it dangerous to change this setting?


Not really :). Your timestamp on your timeseries data will be on browser time.

But as with anything - may be you want to test it in your local before putting it out on production?


Thanks, if it's safe enough it's ok for me!

Just keep in mind that those settings are global and affect all the users of your Kibana instance.

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