Date inserted is translated differenly on Kibana (add 1 hour to date)


Hi !

I'm experiencing an odd situation with Kibana 6: I've inserted a datetime which is in GMT+1, which appears correclty under the JSON tab on Kibana:

"collectedTime": "2018-11-05 18:17:07Z",

But on the Table tab, Kibana added 1 hour to the initial data:

November 5th 2018, 19:17:07.000

I would understand if it normalize to GMT, but here it added 1 hour, which means the time showed is now GMT+2 instead of GMT+1.

Can someone help me to understand the behavior, and how do I prevent it ?

With many thanks :slight_smile:

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What is the setting of dateFormat:tz under Management -> Advanced settings? If it is set to browser than Kibana will display the time in your browsers timezone


Ok, with your advices, I've checked the dateFormat:tz, which was "Browser" by default. However, after changed the dateFormat to GMT+1, the date on Table still the same, even after restarted Kibana service.

Will it be applied for future insertion only ?

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