Is it mandatory to give value of session_token: '<session_token>' to reaad AWS values

Hi All,
Trying to see how I can read the AWS monitoring values
from the link "" , thanks @Kaiyan_Sheng for sharing the docs with me
I could see the reference for session_token, is the entry of session_token necessary.
While configuring other third part tools with AWS, I have not used session_token at all, only
Password,Access key ID,Secret access key
is need to configure the tool for interacting with AWS.

Can we exclude the session_token entry in the yml file

Joseph John

Hi @Joseph_John, session_token is not required for running aws module. This is only for users need MFA for their AWS account. Feel free to remove the session_token line from the config and give it a try!

Also personally I prefer using credential_profile_name :smile:

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Will try out and update

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