Is it ok to delete data (by query) on an index that was force merged to a single segment?

When our indices are no longer receiving new documents we run a force-merge down to a single segment. We now find ourselves needing to delete a very small percentage of the docs in several of these these single-segment indices. Is that ok to do from a performance/index size standpoint? I understand from the documentation that it's unwise to "write" to it e.g. "Force merge should only be called against an index after you have finished writing to it" but what about a deletion? And after the deletion can you run the force merge with the only_expunge_deletes setting to remove the deleted docs? Just want to make sure i'm not going to have index issues after this.


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The general idea is that you don't do a force merge while writing, or altering an index. So if you need to delete a few documents, then do that and then run the force merge, just like you would after finishing indexing.

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