Is it okay to keep product data only in Elasticsearch?

Hello, I am trying to build an e-commerce platform in which I am going to put the products into the elasticsearch Index. I am referencing this for the modeling of the Product. Is it okay to keep the products only in the elasticsearch Index? or to be safe I must use some other database storage? I am currently using Aerospike(A key-value NoSQL database) for storing other data models.

as long as you have a really good backup replication scheme I don't see why not

Personally, I would use a typical transactional database storage for your e-commerce store and that would be the single source of the truth. I would then push data into your elastic index for search. Other's may disagree, but that's what I would suggest.

Your transactional database would be more normalized and your elastic index would be more flattened out and easy to query using their REST API.

When a new record is created on my transactional database, I then make an HTTP POST to create the same record in elastic.

Can you suggest me some product data model that is normalized just like mentioned in here?

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