Is it possible to embed Kibana Visualizations on Google Slides or Docs?

Hi everyone,

I do Load Tests frequently and I generally in the end share a report with Load Test results and with observations.

I generally do this by creating some visualizations with Kibana and then snap(1) the visualization and paste it to Google Slides.

But I would like to do this by embedding the Kibana visualizations on Google Slides.

Does anyone knows how to do this? Or have suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

(1) With a screenshot tool copy the visualization.

Have you tried building presentations with Kibana canvas? Canvas is a Kibana application designed to create live presentations that pull live data.

Hi @Nathan_Reese

Thanks for your answer.

I did though on Canvas, but I decided not to use due to:

  • I want to leverage Lens formulas and the visualizations I can quickly create on top of it;
  • I want in the end to provide a copy to my customers they can save, and I will not preserve customer data much more than one year.

If we could bring to Canvas, Lens and TSVB power and visualizations, then I would consider discard Google Slides, introduce my company brand guidelines on Canvas and in the end just export the Canvas to PDF.

Do you know if there is any plans around this? And can you share it!?

We're updating Canvas' editing toolbar in 8.0 but, in 7.x, try saving your Lens visualization to the library and click the "Add from Kibana" button in Canvas to import. Does that work for you?

Here's it in 7.x

Here's 8.x

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It does! Awesome. :smiley: :star_struck: :pray:

I did not notice that option! :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot. I will try to replicate my Google Slides here.

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