Is it possible to have one dashboard from two different Kibana servers?

I have two different kibana servers and I wanted to know if it would be possible to create visualizations from both kibana servers into one dashboard for either server.

Thank you in advance

when you said two kibana server. do they part of different Elastic cluster?

you got a give more information, more detail.

Yes from two different Elastic cluster. I have two different elastic environments on two different hosts and want to visualize the data from the two environment into one dashboard.

For example, if I have a kibana environment setup on host 5601 and have some visualization on it, would it be possible to display that visualization on a different environment's dashboard with a different host?

not possible as I know. you have to use replication to move your data from one cluster to another.

cluster are different entity. and kibana can access one cluster.

I figured out a way to talk to different clusters by doing a cross cluster search

" Cross-cluster search lets you run a single search request against one or more remote clusters. For example, you can use a cross-cluster search to filter and analyze log data stored on clusters in different data centers."'

it would have been good if you can post that, may be helpful to someone.

I have updated my solution

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