Run 2 kibana instances with different dashboards

i want to run 2 instances of kibana, such that each one will point to different es cluster.
I want that each kibana will have different dashboards.
it is possible to do such a thing?


that's absolutely no problem. You can just use two complete different Kibana instances, and just use different elasticsearch.url in the kibana.yml they should connect to. If they should run on the same server though, you would need to give them different ports (server.port in the config), so they don't try to listen on the same port. I would rather recommend setting them up on different servers though.


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I did it:

  1. I ran 2 elasticsearch instances on same server, with port 9200 and 9201.
    2.I ran 2 instances of kibana:
    with port 5601 point to 9200 and the second with port 5602 point to 9201
    but both of them have the same dashboards.
    what is the problem here?

Did the 2 Elasticsearch instances have the same cluster name so that they ended up forming a cluster? What did your elasticsearch.yml file look like?

i ran 2 es instances from 2 different folders so

user/elastic1/config/elasticsearch.yml containing the line:
http,port : 9200

user/elastic2/config/elasticsearch.yml containing the line:
http,port : 9201

Yes, but what was set to? If this uses the default settings, the second node will connect to the first unless differs between the configs.

I didnt set at all .
can you please write here what should i write in bote yml's, to create two clusters with one node?

Setting to different values, e.g. cluster1 and cluster2, for the two nodes is sufficient.

And what about ""?

If the cluster name is different that setting does not matter.

It finally works!
Thank you very much @Christian_Dahlqvist

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