How to setup 2ES Instances (localhost different ports) on single kibana same pc

I am newbie and have setup 2ES instances on localhost using different ports 9200 and 7200 both my instances are running and I can see them in browser on respective ports, how can I point both ports to use single kibana

I am able to browse default 9200 on kibana port 5601 but the 7200 does not shows up
What am I missing here

Any suggestions will highly be appreciated

Hi @rizawk Welcome to the community!

You can't... Kibana can only be connected to a single cluster at a time... Each of your elasticsearch instances are actually 2 separate 1 node elasticsearch clusters.

You would need to install 2 separate Kibana installs on 2 separate ports.. and point 1 each to 1 of the ES nodes

Thanks Stephen for clarifying and guideance

After running 2 separate kibanas it worked

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