Multiple kibana instances


I will be having 4 nodes for ES and 2 for Kibana (version 6.x). kibana will be installed on the same nodes as that of ES (any 2 out of 4).

I understand that we cannot provide a list of ES urls in kibana . So, should i point the 2 kibana nodes to their respective local ES? (ie snippet of kibana.yml-> elasticsearch.url: "http://localhost:port")

And have a loadbalancer for the 2 kibana nodes ?

Do let me know if i am thinking in the right direction. or if there is any other way to do it please share.

With the current setup I think that makes the most sense, it'll be quickest for Kibana to speak to the local elasticsearch, and then those nodes can figure out what to do.

We also see commonly see coordinating only nodes local to Kibana. Those will effectively load balance requests to elasticsearch, and free up the data and master node machines to run without the Kibana server. I can't say for certain it'll have much practical difference vs the current setup, but it's an option if more hardware is available.


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