Multiple Kibana instances for same ES cluster


I am trying to configure Kibana on two nodes for same elasticsearch cluster. How does it really work? Cos I know that kibana stores all data on ES side. So will creating load balancer across two Kibana instances work?

Not sure on setting up combined Kibana cluster, so that in case one node is down, we still are able to access visuals without manual intervention.

Thanks in advance

we have here 2 kibana server behind a F5 loadbalancer and that works fine. We deploy the same kibana.yml file on both instances.

This setup als works with HAProxy for example.

@pjanzen Thanks for replying. I have setup Kibana.yml on both instances and am able to access both URLs. Does having a load balancer for Kibana really help? Cos it internally hits elasticsearch connection url right? Just trying to understand here.

Well for redundancy purposes is makes sence to have 2 instances. Also if you have many user that use kibana it would make sence, specially if you have setup the LB pool to actually spread load.

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