Multiple Kibana instances - again

Are there any cons for having multiple Kibana instances? I read that it might cause some issues due to sharing single .kibana config stored inside the ES cluster/node.

Also, earlier it made sense as Kibana could talk to ES client, but now client mode is being deprecated.

Any thoughts? pros, cons?

Can you please describe what would be your use case ? Is this production environment ? The "best" way depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

If this is for a production deployment where you need to scale out Kibana based on high Kibana traffic, then it would make sense to run Kibana on two separate hosts behind a load balancer, instead of collocated the same host where the two processes would be competing for the same resources.

As far as the client node is concerned, instead of a client node, you can use a load balancer between Kibana and Elasticsearch. With respect to pros and cons of a client node - there is nothing wrong with using a client node together with Kibana, but if you want to avoid it being a single point of failure, a load balancer might be an alternative. You can also set up two Kibana instances and load-balance in front of these. It all depends on your use case.


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