Multiple Kibana on multiple cluster with same data

Hi forum,

I have multiple (two) elasticsearch clusters, with kafka in front, so both clusters have identical data.
How to setup HA kibana (two kibana, one on eachcluster) with loadbalancer in front, so all kibana settings (users, roles, dashboards) will be same same for both kibanas, so I can use both kibana at the same time (and use both clusters at the same time)?

something like this in picture

Hope you understood me :slight_smile:

Cheers, Bane

Hi Bane,

Maybe you should put in kibana.yml, to connect to elastic on cluster x and y. You can put this in elasticsearch hosts in kibana.yml.
I think this make kibana work on two cluster. I think you have to have three kibana, one in front of load balancer. And make one user to connect to both kibana.

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