Kibana mutiple nodes elasticsearch

At work we have a machine with 128 GB ram and 16 TB HD.
We want to install ELK and we would like to create multiple elasticsearch instances and have only one kibana instance.
So we created several nodes. The different instances start but I only see one in kibana.

How can I do this because each instance has a different port and in kibana.yml I can add only one elastic url.
if i use docker it could work ?

Thanks for your help.

Are these instances all in the same cluster or in different clusters?

If it's the same cluster, we're not they're yet but we are working on it. In the interim it's common to put a proxy in front to load balance, or point Kibana at a client node which will effectively load balance.

If it's multiple clusters, you'll want to look into cross cluster search. Kibana will connect to one node which is configured to speak with all of the other clusters.

All are in the same cluster and same machine as kibana.

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