One Kibana to multiple elasticsearch cluster

Hi I'm newbie to ELK.

We have multi elasticsearch cluster.
And I found that there is 'Remote Cluster' setting in Kibana>Management>Elasticsearch>Remote Clusters.

Is possible to control multi cluster elasticsearch on one kibana?

For example I have cluster_one, cluster_two and cluster_three.
I'd like to view log of all three clusters in one kibana UI. Those clusters have exactly same index(but documents are diffrent)

Is it possible to use one kibana with multiple elasticsearch clusters?
(Make dashboard, View logs and other things)

You will want to look at :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply.

But how can I use in Kibana?

After done setting 'Remote cluster setup', is it possible to use cross cluster search on Kibana?

Yes, see

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Thanks a lot. It helps me a lot!!!

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