Can I query data of more then one elasticsearch using one kibana

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In a cluster more then one nodes(Elasticsearch) are received data from more then one logstash.
Can I search this data on a single kibana??
Can someone explain??

(kulkarni) #2

Yes. This would require a cross cluster search . Elasticsearch supports the ability to run search and aggregation requests across multiple clusters using a module called cross cluster search.
There is enough documentation :

Do try and let us know,


(Komal Mittal) #3

There is no more then one clusters. I am using more then one nodes in a cluster on a single physical machine.

(kulkarni) #4

sorry, I misunderstood ur q earlier.
Unfortunately the answer is no. Probably you are trying to set elasticsearch.url to an array/list of nodes in kibana.yml. Querying from any node in the Elasticsearch cluster will be able to reach all of that data coming from Logstash, even if it's on a separate node in the same cluster.


(Komal Mittal) #5

this means I can set an array of urls in kibana.yml files.

(kulkarni) #6

Currently it only supports one. There is an open issue on it . Please subscribe for more information.

(Komal Mittal) #7

When I set array of urls to elasticsearch.url, process is automatically terminated.
Is there any other way to query data of more then one elasticsearch in a cluster from one kibana?

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