Multiple Elasticsearch with single Kibana, it possible?

I want to deploy ELK to gather our web application logs.

The constraint is that we can't centralize the data for legal requirements. That means I need to keep the logs separated in Europe, USA and Asia.

Is there a way to have three Elasticsearch in three regions but a single Kibana (with unique URL) that can access those three ES(and there respective data)?
In other words, the end users won't notice that the data is separated in three geographical location and all the graphs and logs can be accessed from a single Kibana interface.


I don't think that Kibana can connects to 3 clusters.
But you can use Cross Cluster Search I think for this.


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Thank you David!

It works, I can query cross-cluster from the the 'Dev Tools'.

How I can visualize that with graphs (Pie, Bars...) ? With single index from the same cluster it's easy, but how to achieve that if we must do cross-cluster query?

Thank you.

I don't know. I moved your question to #kibana.

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