Separate ES nodes with single Kibana instance

I'm having an ELK architecture question; Currently I'm running full ELK stack on single server in one location (EU) and this does a good job over there, but now plans have changed and I need to grab data from 2 additional locations (US and CN).
My idea is to set up logstash & ES in each of these 3 locations and have single Kibana instance (possibly in AWS or EU location) to visualize all data (on separate dashboards for each location).

Is it possible? Is it good idea? or should I rather have 3 x logstash (each location) + ES cluster somewhere (AWS?) + Kibana.

I don't want to transfer to much data over WAN links and would rather keep data where is belongs to and only visualize it centrally. And there's another question - is it doable to have 3 x Logstash + Elasticsearach (US / EU / CN) without any replication between them and show all of that in single Kibana instance?

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