Point Kibana to two elasticsearch clusters

I have two elasticsearch clusters - one running on the default port (9200) and the other on 9220. Right now, the Kibana I have points to the ES running on 9220 and fetches logs belonging to default index (logstash-*).

I need to now point the same Kibana to the ES running on 9200 and fetch logs belonging to an index specific to this ES running on 9200.

Could someone guide me thru this?

A given Kibana instance can only be connected to one ES cluster at a time. The URL to use is configured via the kibana.yml configuration file.


You could use an ES tribe node to do this though.

Could you guide me to a link that explains what a "tribe" node is. I have never heard of it.

Many thanks!

Sure - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/2.1/modules-tribe.html

Looks like "Tribe" is a concept specific to Elasticsearch 2.1? Is my assumption correct?

The ES that's running on 9200 is 1.3.2, while the ES running on 9220 is 1.4.4. Could I still use the concept of Tribe?

No, it came in earlier than that.

You don't want to run a tribe node across clusters of differing version if you can.