Can elasticsearch.url and elasticsearch.tribe.url be the same?


Assuming I am having below environment,


  1. Tribe Node (global def : port 9200, t1 : port 9201, t2 : port 9202)
  2. Uniform Node * 3


  1. Uniform Node * 3

t1 is for Cluster 1 and t2 is for Cluster 2.

My question is, can elasticsearch.url and elasticsearch.tribe.url be the same url ? In other words, can tribe node (global definition, port 9200) be coordinating node?

I read document but bit anxious so I appreciate if I can get help with my question.

No, you cannot have the same elasticsearch.url and elasticsearch.tribe.url.

The elasticsearch.url is a separate connection directly to the cluster where Kibana will create the .kibana index.

The tribe node is also a coordinating node. But it can not write indexes; "Master level write operations (eg Create Index) are not allowed. These should be performed on a single cluster."

Prior to the 5.x releases we used to suggest a work-around for Kibana with tribe nodes to temporarily point Kibana at the cluster where you want the .kibana index and let it do that. Then change Kibana to point to a tribe node from that point onward. But I don't think that works in 5.x releases (the first part would work, but not the second).



I see. Thank you.

I tested out and confirmed that preparing coordinator node and tribe node is bit too much. It would be better if access to elasticsearch cluster is slimmed into one endpoint.

You could post a request about that on the Elasticsearch forum. They might have something else to suggest or they might create an enhancement request in

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