Is it possible to move .fdt file, to external disk?


70-80% of the storage use for my indices are the Stored Fields. - that is, the .fdt files.
I am running in the cloud, and this becomes expensive, since I need quite large machines to contain the indices.
The total size of the indices are ~15-20TB.
Therefore I think about moving the stored fields onto a cheaper disk. I am aware, that this will make queries slower, but is it possible to do in an elegant and easy way?

Ie. by setting a pointer to the .fdt files position, somewhere in the settings?

I am running es 1.7.5, and I am aware that it would be preferable to upgrade it, but it is currently not a possibility

What I am looking for, is probably elastics implementation of this lucene feature:

No, Elasticsearch does not support splitting a segment across multiple locations like this. If you are content with slower queries, why not put everything on the cheaper disk?

Because I would expect the performance penalty, would be significantly less if I can keep the indices on the faster disks, and only move the stored fields to the cheaper slower disk.

The stored fields are - as far as I know - only used, when returning hits, and thus it would only be for the i.e. top 10 hits I return, it has to go to the slower disc.

And since the stored fields is such a large percentage of the storage use, I think that would be a nice compromise.

I see. It's an interesting idea, and I don't know if the Elasticsearch team have previously discussed using something like a FileSwitchDirectory in this manner. I suspect it'd be a bit of a pain to manage. It seems like a reasonable feature to request, so could you open a Github issue with this idea for wider discussion within the team?

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Yeah sure, I have create the issue here:

Please feel free to tell me, if it is the wrong place :slight_smile:

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