Is it possible to register multiple snapshot repositories for the same S3 bucket?

I'd like to create separate snapshot repositories for each major Elasticsearch version, however I don't necessarily want to create separate backing S3 buckets, for storage.

Is it okay/possible using the same bucket for multiple snapshot repositories or will there be any conflicts or any other issues?

Yes, you can use the base_path repository setting to set up multiple repositories under different paths in the same bucket.

Hi @DavidTurner, thanks for the quick answer!

One follow-up question I have in mind at this point is though: If a bucket was already used without the base_path for an existing repository, do you think is there a way to move existing snapshots to some base_path and then create the 2nd repository with a different base_path?

No, S3 doesn't support moving objects to a new location. Best to start again with an empty bucket.

Thank you so much!