Is it possible to run elastic on 1 GB of RAM for testing purposes?


I have a dev box with low memory and so far I've been unable to start elastic search.
Is there a way to lower the heap memory required and still be functional for dev purposes?

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You can lower the heap elasticsearch allocates in the jvm.options file. If
you use the rpm or deb it is in /etc/elasticsearch. Find the -Xms and -Xmx
lines and make them -Xms256mb and -Xmx256mb. Any lower than that and I
expect things to not work so well. Any higher than that and you are really
starving the disk cache.


Thanks I tried that and it at least didn't get killed immediately. Still didn't get it fully started I think I might need to stop some other running applications and free up some swap space.

Either way though thanks for the solution it does work I just have too many things running on my Dev box.

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