Is it possible to upgrade Elastic 6.x to 7.0 if I have a document type?

So, i have an application deployed in production that uses a non-standard document type name (logEvent).
Can I upgrade to 7.0, or am I stuck to 6.x forever? Basically, I have this problem:

  • if I ask the clients to upgrade the ElasticSearch servers first, the application will no longer work - NEST 6.x is not compatible with Elasticsearch7, and will issue REST API requests that do not work.
  • if I ask the clients to upgrade my application first, then it will no longer work with their Elasticsearch deployment - since the NEST client no longer supports specifying a document type, and I presume it will always hit the "_doc" endpoints, thus likely failing.

I'd like to perform the upgrade without downtime on the client side. Is that even possible? I could tell them to reindex into a new index where the document type is _doc .... but then data is continuously flowing in, I don't see how I can do the switch without losing data (at least temporarily; and the procedure for getting all data reindexed would be fairly convoluted and would require 2 successive reindexes).

It just seems I'm missing something. Isn't there a simpler way? Has nobody had this problem before? How does one upgrade a production system to 7.x ?

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