Elastic Upgrade: 6.60 to 7.14, can I keep the index with old mapping?

I have the task to upgrade our elastic from 6.60 to 7.14. According to Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.x | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic the 6.x indices are compatible with 7.x.

Elasticsearch 7.x is compatible with indices created in version 6.0 or later.

So far so good, but checking the breaking changes that came with 7.0 shows that some mapping fields are not supported anymore: Breaking changes in 7.0 | Elasticsearch Guide [7.17] | Elastic

So how do I proceed now? It seems like the index is not compatible because of its mappings and I need to create a new one or am I missing something?

It's not possible to update mappings so the only solution I see right now is to create a new index and delete the old one?


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If your index contains fields that are not supported you will need to reindex into a new index and change those mappings, as you mention.

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is it possible to simply reuse the data I have in my elastic data folder? So right now, I created a new elastic container with the 7.x version. Created a new index with an updated mapping.

Now as the last step I would like to copy paste the data from the old elastic to the data folder of the new one.

Can this work? I can't think of another way how to do that.


It should work, yeah. Just make sure both nodes are shutdown and you have a backup.

Okay I realised that I can't simply copy the data folder from the old to the new container because the data also comes with the deprecated mapping from 6.x.

So in this case I have to reindex or is there another solution?

Do a remote reindex rom 6 into 7.

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