I want to update my 5.6.3 elasticsearch into 7.3

I want to update my 5.6.3 elasticsearch into 7.3, I have seen some of the api are changed ( I not seen all the api). If I want to change, is there any steps I have to be focus, So I can not spend much time in changing the code.
Kindly help me on this.

Elasticsearch 7 can't read indices created by 5.

One option is to build a new 7.x stack, use "reindex from remote cluster" to move your data, then move your ingesting to the new cluster.

You know what parts of the API you use, you'll have to read "breaking changes" from all versions between were you are and where you're going. You probably need to start with a test 7.x cluster if you need code changes.

Hi @rajesh_elasticsearch

One area that might require significant work depending on your current implementation is the Removal of Types. I highly recommend reading this.

Thanks for your guidance. I will go through the breaking changes and back if any question.

Thanks for your guidance. The link was useful, let me back if I have any questions.

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