Elastic-Search upgrade from 5.3 to 7.7

Hey team,

I am using elastic-search 5.3. I wanted to upgrade it to the latest ES version say 7.7. Which is the best way to upgrade from 5.3 to 7.X with the minimum number of downtime or minimum time required?

I have a cluster of 11 nodes including 3 master nodes and 8 data nodes. My index data size is approx. 1.8 TB. I am using the Elastic-Search mapping type also. I read that after 5.6 or later, ES removed the concept of mapping type. If I reindex data with the API of ES, will it be taken care of all the things, or I should add something extra?

I have seen a couple of articles for upgrading but did not conclude on that. So can anyone help me with this?


If possible, I'd start a new cluster and use reindex from remote.
Otherwise you need to

  • Upgrade to latest 5.x
  • Upgrade to latest 6.8
  • Upgrade to 7.7

Note that for each step you need to read the upgrade guide depending on the version.

Hey @dadoonet,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you explain what does reindex from remote means?

Also, How will I reindex the indexing type? My current indexing structure

IndexName -- MappingType -- Mapping
ABC -- Car -- { "created_on": {"type":"date"}}
ABC -- MoterCyle -- { "created_on": {"type":"date"}}

How this will be taken care in ES 7.X version?

This: Reindex from a remote cluster | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

You need to read Removal of mapping types in Elasticsearch 6.0 | Elastic Blog to decide what will be the strategy for you.

Thanks :slight_smile: !!. Hopefully these will work. If I face any other issue, will create new discussion.

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