Upgrade ES 6 Index to 7 Without Reindex

I know this sounds obvious, but I need to ask to be sure.

I have an ES 6 index in an ES 7 instance. I know it's backward compatible, but is there a way or upgrading the index to an ES 7 schema without reindexing due to the extensive time it took to create it in the first place?


Have you run the upgrade assistant in Kibana to see if it flags any issues with the index?

I should clarify, this is meant to be a more general question about the scenario so I couldn't say for sure what the upgrade assistant may say, but I was curious if there was a way of bringing an ES 6 index to a version 7 index without doing a full reindex.

It depends.

If there are no mapping changes needed then you should be fine to upgrade and there will be no impact. You should be ok to go from 6 to 7, but you probably/might need to reindex when you want to go from 7 to 8.

Thanks. I'm very new to this. What would be involved in upgrading the index? I understand that ES 7 supports an ES 6 index, but how would I upgrade the index to 7?

Just upgrade Elasticsearch and you will be ok for that.

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