Is Upgrade Assistant only upgrade internal index or legacy incompatible index?

As Elastic Search only compatible with previous major version, e.g. ES 8 compatible with index created in ES 7.
I'm wondering if Upgrade Assistant would ignore index created in ES 7?
In other words, the index verion would still be 7.x.x after upgrade to ES 8?

So it only perform reindexing for following during upgrade process:

  • Index created piror to ES 7, e.g. ES 6.
  • Internal index/Hidden index

If there are only small amount of legacy indexes, then the upgrade process would be fast, right? As no need to reindex ES 7 data.

Many Thanks


It won't be ignored but Elastic will tell you what you need to do if anything needs to be done.

It depends. But I guess that in most cases no reindex will be required.


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