Is it possible to use a scripted field inside a scripted field

i need to have a parameter (like a threshold , ie 60 for 60 percent) and in order to avoid to hardcode this one inside my scripted fields using this value , I want create this parameter like a scripted field. like that i don't need to change this value inside all my scripted fields using this one. But unfortunatelly this thing is not working. For example :

  ( doc['CPUUtil'].value ) > 60 ? 5 : 0 

   not working
     new created number scripted field : Threshold_A called ( =60)
     ( doc['CPUUtil'].value ) > ( doc['Threshold_A'].value ) ? 5 : 0

Do you know if it's possible to use a scripted field inside another one ? Or is it possible to introduce this kind of parameter somewhere in kibana and used it inside a scripted field ?

i have not seen an old (existing) topics (and its answer) about that.


No, that is not possible. A scripted field can not refer to other scripted fields.

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