Is jvm.options file ignored if ES_JAVA_OPTS is set?

  1. "supporting setting JVM options via the jvm.options file or the environment variable ES_JAVA_OPTS"
  • Does elasticsearch merge settings from both sources?
  1. We set java options in jvm.options and JAVA_OPTS. When I run jinfo -flgas and jconsole, only the settings set in JAVA_OPTS are displayed as VM parameter. Elasticsearch runs in Windows server.
    Do I have to choose one of them?

  2. Are all the settings in JAVA_OPTS ignored unless they are set in ES_JAVA_OPTS even if I start Elasticsearch by running a new process of "java_home/bin/java JAVA_OPS ES_PARAMS org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.Elasticsearch -cp ES_CLASS_PATH" ?

By looking at bin/elasticsearch source file, I realize jvm options from jvm.options and ES_JAVA_OPTS are merged. Thanks!

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