Is My Date Range Format Correct?

I actually want to obtain 2 separate charts within the same visualisation, seperated base on date range?

Is my Date Range Format Correct? coz i get a bad request error?

E400 means i made a syntax error in the query but this contradicts the data validation mechanism in the date range field. I was allowed to click Update which implies my date format is correct.

I even try according to the date format as per the col Arrival_Time, still no result.

Lastly, your is not helpful and not clear. it doesn't tell me anything clear and specific towards the best practices on date format. You expect ppl to just get it by referencing that lookup table only to know it doesn't lead u anywhere?

This article is addressing date format in ES query but NOT in Kibana frontend itself which is relevant here

If you inspect your browser's network requests, what was the specific response that came back with the 400?

I would expect the configuration you show in that first screengrab to work (2020-06-01T06:00:00). Is there anything else I need to do to reproduce what you're seeing? I'm testing this using sample data on the demo Kibana instance.

Are you able to get this to work with any other date fields?

Nth specific w this error.

I'm also trying out based on 2 separate 1 hour chunks... Coz my data pipeline hasn't been setup yet to pipe months worth of dat.a . I only got 1 day of data for nw

For nw, can't expt w other timebelts

see. this the full error.

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