Is my delete phase correctly configured in ILM?

Just in case, I wanted to confirm that my delete phase was correctly configured:

[root@server log]# curl -u user:password -X GET 'http://localhost:9200/_ilm/policy/ilp-for-logs'
{"ilp-for-logs":{"version":2,"modified_date":"2021-05-27T13:54:29.418Z","policy":{"phases":{"hot":{"min_age":"0ms","actions":{"set_priority":{"priority":100}}},"delete":{"min_age":"180d","actions":{}}}}}}[root@server log]#

Is this correct?

Thank you

It looks to be. U want to delete indices 180 days after entering cold phase?

It's missing the delete action, see Delete | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic

How exactly do I configure that?

I thought that configuring that would mark them for delete and then Elastic would do its tasks to delete it

I want them to be deleted 180 days after its hot phase.

What version are you running, there was a bug in previous 7.X that caused this when applying the policy via Kibana. If you upgrade it'll fix it, or use the API directly.

Seems I am using 7.10.1

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